Idaho Falls Zoo Philanthropic Work

It has been our unique pleasure to work hand in hand with the Idaho Falls Zoo and the amazing zoo keepers to create and donate a photographic body of work to the Idaho Falls Zoo for educational and marketing purposes. We have learned intriguing things about some of the fascinating animals that reside here in our small zoo, heralded as one of the best small zoos in the West.

Working closely with zoo keepers, we have been granted access to some of the animals to create stunning portraits of each animal that is distraction free, allowing and permitting the viewer to see up close what makes each species of animal so intriguingly unique.

Not only are these animals incredible to interact with, but they are each magnificent and regal in their own special way. We invite you to visit the Idaho Falls Zoo soon, and when you do, take a minute to learn more about each animal.

To the Idaho Falls Zoo, thank you for the continued support in creating this special body of photographic work.

-Mark & Mark