Family Photography

in an Idaho Falls Portrait Studio

Studio M is an Idaho Falls-based portrait studio. As such, we are able to work with a large range of clientele surrounding the Idaho Falls area. 

However, we love to work close to home, so we pride ourselves on being one of the best family photographers in Idaho Falls. 

Whether you want to create a unique portrait of your family in our downtown Idaho Falls photo studio, or create a family photo elsewhere in our community, we are ready to get you and your family in front of our lenses. 


Why should you hire a professional portrait photographer for your family photos?

With more than 19 years of combined photographic experience, Mark & Mark have photographed people and places all around the world. We capture feeling with each flash of our bulb and snap of the shutter. We study the lighting, surroundings, and natural stance of each of our subjects and create the perfect portrait that your family will cherish for years to come. In a way, we help make your family history tangible and treasured. We aren’t your typical family photographer in Idaho Falls. We’re professional portrait photographers.